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wood floor of the best

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# 19.06.2017 - 09:09:51

Middle and low grade have iron Xian zi (commonly known as Red Sandalwood), gold car flower pear, Kang pa si (commonly known as returns is more precious than gold) etc.The materials used in teak floor are mainly from Burma, New Guinea and Indonesia, which is produced in Burma as a top grade.
The material of pear wood floor is authentic mahogany, Karin tree species, among which the bird feet red sandalwood incense is rich, is the Karin wood floor of the best.Red sandalwood main production area in South America, there are "Mu wang", each square meter market price is more than 300 yuan.
Experts teach the road to earn more profits, now there are many merchants with some Ying za mu floor as red sandalwood, teak, rosewood and other high-grade floors.Some merchants, with the texture and color, are similar to those which are close to but not fragrant, but the market price of the latter is less than 100 yuan less than the former.
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